What is your wintertime maintenance regimen? Winter is a great time to prepare your apartment for winter. Yes, landlords are responsible for certain things, but it is still important to take pride in your space, and you never want to wait to discover issues when it’s too late. Make sure that you are safe and comfortable at home this winter.

Check-in With your Landlord

Before the onset of the brutal winter weather conditions, it is smart to speak with your landlord or property manager regarding any uncertainty about your responsibilities and what they are handling—for instance, snow and ice removal expectations. Stay up on the local snow and ice removal regulations and make sure you understand the acceptable de-icing measures to avoid causing damage to any surfaces.

Test Out the Heat

Your landlord is responsible for the regular service of heating and cooling systems. However, you should test out the heat a bit early to ensure it is in good working condition before winter hits. You will be so happy you discovered these types of issues before the cold sets in.

Avoid Unwanted Guests

Cold weather and precipitation can draw out bugs, rodents, and other pests as they try to find a warm place. You can try to prevent them by cutting off their food source with some preventative steps such as storing dry, perishable food items inside air-tight containers that can not be chewed through by pests. Also, be sure to take trash containing food scraps out as soon as possible. You never want to leave food sitting out for too long. Wiping down countertops daily can also help keep clear of any food remnants.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Comply with your landlord’s instructions to prevent the pipes from freezing or bursting from the cold. You should be provided with guidance on temperature levels and other preventative measures so that this does not arise.

If you will be away from home for an extended period of time in the winter, it is courteous to give your landlord a heads up and ask if they want the temperature set at a certain number or if faucets should be left to drip.

Stay Warm and Save Money

What about turning on the heat and the significance it will have on your monthly bill? You can see significant savings by turning the thermostat down a little bit (7-10 degrees) while working or sleeping.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

It is always better to be safe than sorry. You can prepare for worst-case scenarios by signing up for weather and emergency alert systems to stay updated on potential hazards such as threatening storms. These alerts can also help you know what actions you should take. Typically it is best to remain inside throughout major storms and avoid driving.

Alert your Landlord of Issues ASAP

Common winter issues such as ice dams, frozen pipes, or heating system failures can become a more considerable ordeal all too fast. Remain on the lookout for these types of things and promptly notify your landlord of any potential issues so they can be addressed quickly.

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