Are you properly covered? A personal umbrella insurance policy is an additional liability coverage that is designed and prepared to pay out when your existing insurance policies have reached their limits. An umbrella policy can also fill in the gaps by providing coverage for other incidents such as liability for rental properties or even being sued for slander or libel. Imagine working and saving for decades, only to have all of it taken away with one incident. Obtaining this policy is especially a good idea for homeowners, given the risks that come with owning a home and property. Protect yourself now before it is too late.

Umbrella Insurance Benefits

Do you drive a car? Are you ever a parent chaperone? Do you have a dog? Do you leave online reviews? Do you have a pool? Do you use a handyman or a contractor? These are just a few examples of being in the position for massive lawsuits to take place. There are endless scenarios that put you at risk for loss. Accidents happen, and people are not afraid to sue. An umbrella policy provides you with the ultimate peace of mind.

How it works is pretty simple. You pay money to share the risk with others and protect you and your family from a catastrophic event that could ruin your lives. In other words, you pay the premiums with the hope that you will never have to make a claim on it. Winter time does come with its own set of risks, such as more frequent and severe slip and fall incidents, or possible property damage from the harsh weather. Understanding your insurance coverage gaps and where you may be lacking can truly make all the difference in future claims. You can speak to an insurance agent and set yourself up for the full range of protection.

Adding to Your Existing Policy

An umbrella insurance policy is really simple to obtain. You can easily have an umbrella policy added to your existing policies with just one quick conversation. Typically,  you will not be asked to fill out any long application or go through a credit check. It is as easy as stating your concerns and the protection you are seeking. Take action now and speak to an agent about where your policy may be lacking.


About Thayer Innes and Freeman Bunting Insurance Agencies

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