Are you prepared to face an unplanned power outage? Power outages can occur at unexpected times for many different reasons, possibly forcing you to put a pause on operations. However, you don’t have to allow revenue or productivity loss. You can prevent the long-term negative impacts a power outage can have by implementing the following. 

Business Continuity Plans

Developing a business plan for power outages prepares your company in case a disaster occurs. This will outline how to continue operating regardless of any internal operational problems that may occur because of outages. The plan should ensure that personnel and assets are protected and can still function properly.

Create a committee and work together to identify potential risks that may be experienced and how those risks will impact the business. Then discuss the procedures to help mitigate those risks. Check that all of your procedures work by testing and practicing them. Don’t forget to continuously review the process to ensure everything is up-to-date and working as expected.

Next, you will want to educate your employees and test their emergency response with drills. Having drills will help evaluate the ability of your employees to complete their job assignments in the event of an emergency.

UPS Device

You can also help prevent your company’s computers from being damaged or losing data by installing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device. UPS devices help equipment to stay on temporarily when a power outage occurs,  allowing equipment time to shut down properly. Some devices even have surge protection to help mitigate damage to computers from spikes.

Backup Generator

Backup power sources are crucial for a variety of industries. Having a backup generator is a simple way to prevent unplanned downtime from power outages. A skilled technician can help you determine the proper backup generator for your business needs and install it correctly.

You may opt to purchase a portable or standby generator. Portable generators tend to be lower in cost and wattage and run on gasoline. For larger businesses, standby generators are the ideal solution. Standby generators are more expensive and run on diesel, natural gas, or propane. They automatically turn on when the power goes out to help your operations continue during power outages.

Backup Fuel

You must maintain and test your fuel to ensure that its high-quality fuel to operate your generator in case of an emergency power outage. Schedule consistent tank maintenance to help confirm that your generators are working properly and will be ready for an emergency situation. Using fuel additives and fuel polishing can also increase your fuel efficiency and quality.

If you are out of fuel during an outage or the fuel you have has become unusable, there are emergency fuel delivery services that can help you out. This can allow your business to get back up and running quickly. 

A commercial insurance program that includes coverage for business interruption expenses will also help you to quickly work through this crisis with minimal financial repercussions. Not sure if you have this coverage? Contact an agent today!

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