The weather is warming up and it’s just about time to take advantage and embark on your long awaited road trip. While the views and solo time on the road are bound to be exciting, doing so on a motorcycle requires a few more safety considerations than a typical car. In addition to securing a customized Ann Arbor Motorcycle Insurance policy, heed the following advice.

Get a road map.

GPS is also great and probably more efficient, but a printed county road map will show you the scenic routes and potentially hidden roads that may take you along tree-lined streets or coastal cliffs. Especially as riding a motorcycle is mostly about the ride, take advantage of the resources a printed map can show you.

Be aware of construction zones.

Nothing ruins the mood of a pleasant ride than a stop-and-go construction zone. Plus, it can be dangerous to ride on, so make sure to research any construction projects that may be occurring on your route.

Stay on top of the weather.

Of course, no one can predict the weather. That doesn’t mean you can’t research the typical forecast around this time of year to see how things will shape up. If it’s going to sprinkle a bit, be sure to bring the proper gear to keep you comfortable on your ride.

Stay hydrated and prevent sunburn.

The biggest threat to summer riders is the intense heat. Always keep a cold water bottle full and stop to refill as much as possible. Next, protect your exposed skin with sunscreen to prevent burns- including the backs of your hands, wrists, and back of the neck. Lastly, wear motorcycle gear specially designed to be protective, but well ventilated — and combine that with light layers underneath, says Olympia Gloves.

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