Depending on the type of home you keep as your summer dwelling, it may be difficult to sell during the off-season as it largely appeals to seasonal home buyers. However, with a few tips and tricks, your home can be off the market quickly. Therefore, equip your home with a customized Ann Arbor High-Value Homeowners Insurance policy and read on to discover just how to achieve this.

The best time to sell a summer home is during the summer. Sell when the market is hot and people are excited about the idea of a summer home. Even though the selling process will likely take an average of 167 days, it’s still ideal to begin the process before fall begins. Summer is still here for a few more weeks, so take advantage!

Next, enlist the help of an experienced realtor to help determine a fair asking price. Use comparable properties in the neighborhood to find a base price, then consider proximity to shops, amenities, lakes, etc. Remember, price is the main selling feature for summer homes, so price it fairly. However, don’t go too low and undersell your investment.

As per Homes Go Fast, since a summer home is seasonal, it is best that you take photos of the property during summertime when the sun is high, the light is abundant, and the flowers are in bloom. Such photographs will help catch the attention of potential buyers. Focus on the aesthetics of the house and use it to drive interest for potential buyers.

Lastly, ensure your paperwork is in order. Especially if the home doesn’t gain traction until long after summer, you want the home to be sold before the next summer season begins. So, get your paperwork ready to prevent any unwanted and unforeseen delays.

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