Reducing exposures and minimizing financial loss is a top priority for every health club and gym owner. From labeling machinery properly and ensuring the housekeeping practices are implemented, there are a lot of proactive ways in which these business owners and entrepreneurs can protect their establishments and their patrons. In this article, we’re going to explore the risk management strategies that can be implemented to protect their bottom line. As your first line of defense, ensure you back your operation with an Ann Arbor Health Club Insurance package.


Create emergency policies.

Health club operators should have a written response policy to various emergency situations, especially one that includes an injury. Routine inspections of equipment and safety audits should be conducted at least annually to ensure everything is up to par.

Next, written policies and procedures regarding how to handle hazardous substances, including bodily fluids, should be in accordance with OSHA’s regulations.

Last, at least one staff member per shift should be trained in CPR and the administration of an AED (automated external defibrillator).


Conduct safety audits.

According to Human Kinetics, it is critical that facility operators remain aware of conditions within their facility that could pose an increased risk to their employees, members, and users. To this end, it is critical that facility operators develop an audit and/or inspection process that allows them to regularly check the safety of their facility. This audit process can be as simple as a checklist of the critical safety practices that must be in place, which allows the staff to verify that all the proper safety practices are being followed. The goal is for the operator to establish a schedule for inspecting the facility to determine adherence to the specific safety practices that the facility has put in place to protect the employees, members, and users.

This thorough audit should be kept on file in an easily accessible location for at least three years prior.



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