Injuries at the gym at common, especially for those first starting out, but most injuries are easily preventable, and as the owner of a gym or health club, you want to ensure that your customers are not injuring themselves and that you will not be liable if they do. Gymgoers should be conscious of the risks and be aware of how to protect their body, and you can provide them with the advice to help them do so. In addition to protecting your operation with a comprehensive insurance policy, share these simple tips with your customers to prevent injuries in the gym.

Encourage a Slow Start

Individuals should always start exercise slowly and increase gradually. When first starting to work out, it is common for people to want to immediately start at intense levels of training. However, this is unsustainable and even quite harmful. It is too demanding on one’s body to be thrown into training in a hasty manner and an injury is way likelier to occur. Encourage everyone to start with moderate exercise and gradually build on a baseline each week. Consider having suggestions prepared to help gauge physiological response to exercise.

Recommend a Warmup Exercise

Warming up before jumping into a workout will dramatically impact how the workout goes. Many people make the mistake of starting their weight training or their run without bothering to warm up their muscles. Preparing muscles for what they are about to endure is one of the most important parts to a quality workout. An appropriate warm-up goes a long way by preventing things such as strains, and ruptures. Muscles are not ready for any rigorous action without preparing them for so.

Muscles respond to heat and will have a greater capability of preforming the task at hand when warm. A proper warmup that reflects sport specific movements will increase blood flow, enhance muscle elasticity, and assist in reducing sports injuries.

Listen to the Body

One should never underestimate what their body is telling them. Listening to your body should be the number one rule in every gym. To see results, individuals must endure discomfort but there should never be real pain.  If pain exists then the individuals should lower the weight or move on to a different muscle group until the body is ready to handle that particular stress.

It is always important to pay attention to form. Each exercise must be done in a specific way in order to prevent injuries, so it would be beneficial to educate yourself and others on good form.

There is a fine line of how far to push yourself at the gym. Many people have trouble knowing how far is too far. Really encourage taking it slow, taking plenty of breaks, and paying attention to any signs of something being too strenuous. Taking these precautions will be worth the little extra time. Simply listening to your body and treating it kindly throughout the workout will help prevent many injuries.

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