Most businesses will have highs and lows and require adapting during certain seasons, and most campgrounds see a noticeable dip in business during the winter months. Maintaining a campground may need particular care during off-season, as it is a truly unique seasonal business where one must find how to best maintain cash flow throughout the entire year. This may be a tricky thing to do, but take these helpful tips into account as we finish out these last few winter weeks.


It would be beneficial to create a marketing calendar, so employees can prepare for any changes and stay up to date as much as possible. Off-season is a perfect time to plan and budget for advertising renewals, and schedule your website and listing updates. If you’re planning to cut back on your print advertising expenses, it is a good idea to use that money towards online advertising. You may even want to conduct a website traffic analysis to help keep up with today’s world and see where your online views are coming from. Keep in mind it is really important to make sure all public information is completely up to date.  Old or inaccurate information can impact your business dramatically. Be sure to take advantage of any marketing services proved by your state.

Inspecting and Planning

Be the one to walk through your grounds as often as you can. The more you do so, the better you can manage your park and see what is needed or what can be improved on first hand. From there, develop practical and measurable goals. Set objectives so you have a clear understanding on what you expect and when you expect them. For example, how long do things sit that require attention? Create a strong system to address repairs. Be sure you and any staff have all the proper tools to efficiently get tasks done.

Always keep reaching higher each month and year. Off-season is a great time to figure out how you want to move forward and create growth. It doesn’t always have to be big changes, but some change will help maintain a nice flow for your business.

Day-to-Day Management

It is common for many campground owners to overlook the benefits of simply being a good citizen. Participating in community events can really pay off, and creating local relationships can be truly beneficial. Building community relationships and being a contributing member to charity should be part of your daily management.

Also, to continue to maintain your campground it is a wise tactic to play to your strengths and stick to what you do best. Bring in outside professionals when needed. It will be worth it to use the experts where they are sought. For example, investing in outside help for Wi-Fi expertise will likely be constructive for those specialized needs.

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