Winter weather conditions can be quite rough on vehicles. For this reason, it is in your best interest to evaluate your current car needs as spring goes into full swing. Taking the time to assess any issues now can go a long way and prevent bigger issues from arising in the future. Here is how to equip your vehicle and get it spring ready.

Car Wash

Removing road salt, grit, and grime off from the winter is crucial as these are all things that will damage your car’s finish over time. You may even want to consider having your vehicle detailed. A deep cleaning inside and out is a great way to start out the season. But at the very least, get a wash and wax, ensuring the lower section of the vehicle is especially clean since those winter elements may begin to corrode it.

Wiper Blades

It is most likely time to change out your wiper blades since the wintertime is typically very harsh on them and they still have to work hard during spring showers. A new set is inexpensive and easy to install yourself, but if needed, most full-service gas-stations can install them for you.

You should also check your wiper fluid level since much of it was probably used in the winter.

Oil Change

Do you need an oil change? Due to the operational demands of winter on engines, spring is a good time to check this essential lubricant. You can also get a new oil filter put on at a quick-change location.

Tire Pressure

Wintertime is very hard on tires so it’s time to make sure that all tires are properly inflated. Check your tire pressure (along with the spare) and check the condition of your tires and brakes. Look for cracks, worn treads, and anything that might lead to a blowout. If you’ve been using snow tires, swap them for the regular set.

Emergency Gear

Check that the batteries are good on your flashlight, replenish flares if they were used during winter and make sure you are equipped with all the components of your tire jack. If you don’t have a spare or a jack, check that the parts of the patch kit are in good condition. This is also a great time to review your auto insurance policy policy to ensure you are prepared if an accident or emergency situation occurred.

Maintenance Schedule

Consult your maintenance schedule, as it is very important that vehicles are serviced at regular intervals. What are you due for given the mileage on your vehicle’s odometer?

Also, be sure you’re prepared to renew your registration if that is called for in the next six months. Once these main items can be checked off the list, your car is spring ready.

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