Buying a car can be an extremely stressful process. As dealerships have an infamous reputation for being sharks and playing games with the consumer, it’s hard not to go in with your guard up. However, doing your research and preparing to make a deal you want can give you the peace of mind of knowing you won’t get ripped off. Once you get familiar with the following expertly recommended tips, ensure your new (or used) vehicle is protected with a comprehensive Ann Arbor Auto Insurance policy.

The best price doesn’t equal the best deal.

Rule number one: never go into the dealership with only the monthly payment in mind. These types of customers are exactly what the dealership wants. With this, the finance manager can sneak in fees, give you a high APR, or even undervalue your trade in. Instead, get your current car appraised by Kelly Blue Book or True Car before bringing it in to ensure you don’t get swindled.

The best time to buy.

There are two “best times” to buy. The end of December is a good time. Everyone is out buying Christmas gifts, leaving dealer lots void of customers, which motivates them to cut prices and break year-end sales records. Another good time to buy is July through October, as dealerships sell off cars at lower prices to clear space for the new models, explains

Prepare ahead of time.

The internet has allowed for easy and instant access to pertinent information once only possessed by dealers. Research the vehicle you want and get quotes from various dealers – all from the comfort of your own couch. However, going in prepared with these figures in mind can help you calmly negotiate a deal. Remember, being prepared will force the dealership to work on your terms, not theirs.

Negotiate everything.

The dealer is not the only one that can finance your car; online lenders are available. Once approved you will have a check in hand and know your interest rate before you even set foot in the dealership. You can use your low rate to negotiate with the dealer or use your online financing if they won’t match or beat the online rate, explains the article.



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