Youth recreation activities are enjoyed by various groups, whether it is for church-related events, adventure-seekers, or educational camps. As the director of these events, business owners and camp leaders are responsible for everyone’s safety. While they are well-trained and skillful individuals, not every outcome is foreseeable. In the event of a crisis, proper steps need to be taken to reduce the threat of injury or emotional trauma. In addition to obtaining a comprehensive MI Youth Recreation Camp Insurance package, follow these tips to efficiently manage a potential crisis.

Create an Emergency Response Plan

Before setting out for camp, be sure to have a detailed plan and list all of the available resources that can be used in the event of a crisis.

Include the Right People

It is important to include all of the key people into your crisis plan to better manage the situation. For example, American Camp Association states that key camp staff to include are the director, camp medical director, maintenance supervisor, and off-site trip leaders; Suggested outside resources include personnel from your state’s emergency management agency, the local rescue squad and sheriff’s department, child protective services, camp doctor, child psychologist, local insurance agent or company, and a public relations advisor.

The More the Merrier

Gather topographical maps of the area you will be visiting, emergency contact information of the children, and even building layouts to better prepare your group for crisis management. Identify where the phones are, see if there is a first-aid kit, and locate recreational vehicles that can be used, if applicable.

Practice Makes Perfect

Drills should be completed prior to venturing out to reenact potential disaster scenarios.  In addition, camp counselors should be overtly aware of the “triggers” for such acts that would classify a crisis and be thoroughly trained on how to manage these incidents.

Act Immediately

As the director of these camps, it is imperative that you protect those who are in your care and do your best to manage emotionally or physically impacted individuals. These actions should extend to these kids even after you have departed from the camp.

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