As most owners know, operating a health club can be a rewarding experience. However, the industry comes with its inherent risks. As slips, falls, and injury are common dangers that health clubs face, a proper Ann Arbor Health Club Insurance Program can help to mitigate the liability. Let us take a closer look at the most prominent dangers and how to properly manage them.

An adequate risk management program will identify, evaluate, treat, and monitor potential risks. Therefore, the following areas should be closely regulated.

Exercise Machines- Ensure all equipment is functioning properly and regularly inspected for loose wires and frayed cables. If there is something wrong with a piece of machinery, it should be tied off with a warning sign to prevent injuries to unassuming users. Further, walls behind the treadmill should be padded, if possible, to protect anyone who might fall off.

Pool Deck- Naturally, pools bring the risk of slipping and falling on wet surfaces. The walkways should be clear of any pipes, equipment, hoses and mats to prevent any additional risks. Life guards should be present and properly trained to manage the crowds, as well.

Free Weights- Common injuries occur when users don’t use a spotter when lifting heavy weights. Insight says to make sure instructions on proper lifting techniques and warning signs requiring a spotter for certain types of lifts are clearly posted near the free weights.

Showers- Ensure drains are working properly to flush excess water quickly and prevent slips. Walkways should be clear and clean of any built up soap, as well.

Locker Room- Security checks should be performed regularly to deter thieves and ensure there is no damage or disruption.

These recommendations can help to mitigate risk in your health club. With the proper risk management and insurance portfolio, your business can thrive. At Thayer-Innes Insurance Agency and Freeman Bunting Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on forming strong customer and community ties throughout Washtenaw County by serving as insurance consultants and advisors. To learn more, contact us today at (855) 395-6316.