Summer is officially here and that means one thing: your campgrounds are likely to see a huge customer rush, if they haven’t already. While a full campground is ideal, this also means you are exposed to many liability risks. From flash floods to slips and falls, your campground is widely susceptible to many exposures. As we take a closer look at the common risks your business might face, ensure you are protected with a comprehensive Michigan Campground Property Insurance Policy to mitigate loss this hectic summer season.

Property damage.

According to Woodall’s Campground Management, “Obviously property is at risk from various things, weather, maybe improper wiring, vandalism, there’s any number of things that can damage your property. A physical inspection is very important. You’re there every day. An outside person coming in might identify things you’re overlooking,” said Tom Gerken, a Topsham, Maine-based agent of USI Insurance and an established campground-insurance veteran. Keep a close eye on the property, conduct thorough and regular inspections, and prepare in advance for potential storm threats.

Third party liability.

Especially in such a digital age, this poses significant threats for potential lawsuits stemming from libel, slander, defamation, copyright infringement, and more. Be mindful of what you put on your website and how the competition might view it. Be especially wary of “unsafe acts and unsafe conditions,” which account for 90% of claims.

Employment practices concerns.

Improper hiring and firing can land your campground business in hot water. Further, misconduct or discrimination, however unintentional, can cost your business thousands, not to mention the loss of revenue and training costs needed to replace the employee you lost as a result of these actions. Therefore, train your employees thoroughly and ensure they understand and follow the code of conduct to minimize these instances.

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