Summer might be almost over, but for plenty of state parks and recreational camps, fall is still prime time for business. If you have a seasonal business that is about to take off, it’s recommended that you hold an orientation to discuss all of the relevant health and safety practices that they are required to uphold. Camp staff are leaders and role models, so showing is just as important as telling in doing the right thing. In this post, we’ll explore how to communicate their safety responsibility. Most importantly, protect your operation and your staff with a comprehensive MI Youth Recreation Camp Insurance policy.

Valuing safety.

First, the camp staff should value safety in addition to being a competent camp leader. This then gets converted to communicating explicit messages about the staff health and safety role. While health center staff provide care when health problems arise, it’s the day-to-day attention by other staff members that really makes a difference. Staff who live with campers and/or direct their activities are often the first to see signs of emerging problems. Maybe it’s a child who continuously scratches her head, the boy who uses his inhaler a lot during the day, or a child who just isn’t eating during meals, explains the American Camp Association.

Taking notice.

Next, communicate the staff’s obligation to report any unusual activity or safety hazards. As camp leaders see the kids daily, they’re in a better position to notice the small things. For example, if there are loose floor boards in the cabin or a child is being bullied, the camp staff needs to intervene and report these incidents immediately.

Taking action.

Going hand in hand with our previous point, train camp leaders to notice the small things and take action. While risk management strategies and training go a long way, if an employee sees something that needs to be fixed or changed, encourage them to speak up.

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