Do you run a summer camp operation? It is important to implement certain practices so the camp functions at its highest potential and offers a safe and enjoyable experience for all of its campers. In addition to safeguarding your operation against claims and dangers with a summer camp insurance package, be sure to keep in mind the following responsibilities and opportunities that come with running a camp.


Your camp is a brand and must stand for something unique.  Depending on the type of camp you run, your camp must meet many qualifications while always appealing to your target audience.

Gather marketing materials by studying competitors. However, you’re not trying to be something you are not; you’re finding the most appealing way to present what you are. Keep in mind that all contact between your camp and your current or potential customers sends a message. Pay attention to how everything you do communicates your message.


There are two types of expenses, operating and capital. The use of funds to provide services during the current year are operating expenses. Expenditures on projects lasting longer than a year are capital expenditures.

Salaries are operating expenses, where as a cost of a new building is a capital expenditure. Controlling your operating expenses is just as important as increasing your revenue.  Keep track of expenses by using accounting software, which can provide a list of revenue and expense categories. Invoices, checks, and other spending records should be filed and easily accessible.


Enforcing zero-tolerance policies may be needed depending on what your camp involves. All staff must be enlisted in the effort, and any two-time offender should be sent home. Create a plaque listing its campers and counselors, which confirms the camp’s commitment to tradition and continuity.


A good maintenance director proactively and continuously makes and updates their own lists of projects.It is helpful for directors and other staff to walk camp property often and make notes. Two or three sets of eyes are always better than one. A strong maintenance staff fixes most problems before the director notices.


Be aware of the camp’s surrounding community. Unhappy neighbors are more likely to complain to the local authorities, question a camp’s zoning, or complain to the police.

It is normally easy to maintain good relations with the neighbors and the community. The best way to keep your neighbors happy is to limit noise, especially early in the morning and late at night.

Tips to maintain good relations:

  • Contribute to local charities
  • Join a local association
  • Invite the neighbors over for a picnic
  • Arrange for campers to perform in front of a community organization
  • Arrange for your campers to paint the local library
  • Send out a precamp letter announcing your camp dates and the dates of any particularly noisy events


The only way to improve is to discover  and understand your weaknesses. Take surveys and talk to campers and camp families, while inviting constructive criticism.

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