It is important to learn how to avoid costly Homeowners Insurance claims before they happen! Winter definitely has its fair share of perils. Many homeowners face a particular set of risks in wintertime, consisting of potential mishaps that could lead to property damage, insurance claims, and even lawsuits. Take note of some of the most notorious winter home-insurance claims, and then assess your risk level.

For homeowners, additional cold and snowy weather may require additional vigilance in order to keep winter home insurance claims at bay. It is worth the time to look for potential hazards around your home and try to address them now so you can be responsible and prepared for what the upcoming season may bring.

Common Claims

As you may expect, weather plays a big role in many winter insurance claims. Frozen precipitation and frigid temperatures can attack a home inside and out.

Here is a list of the most common weather-related claims:

  1. Water leaks
  2. Wind damage
  3. Hail damage
  4. Frozen pipes
  5. Roof damage from ice and snow

The most expensive winter weather claims based on average cost are:

  1. Frozen pipes: $18,000
  2. Hail damage: $10,000
  3. Tree collapse: $6,000


With due diligence and a well thought out plan, homeowners can easily improve their chances of avoiding some weather related incidences.

Be sure to keep your roof in good condition by cleaning your gutters regularly and replacing worn shingles, which can lead to another common source of home insurance claims: water leaks.

Frozen pipes can lead to expensive repair bills so make sure to check your pipes. To help keep the water flowing, set your thermostat at 68 degrees or higher, and let faucets trickle overnight when temperatures dip below freezing. Water pipes on the outside of your home (including the garage) should be insulated.

High winds, ice, and sleet can send tree branches or even an entire tree crashing down. Always trim limbs that overhang or touch your house. Regular checkups by an arborist can help identify trees that may need removal.

Be aware that slip-and-fall lawsuits do happen and such incidents typically involve a guest losing their footing on a walkway slick with ice or snow. Slip-and-fall lawsuits involving snow and ice are known to be hard to win, especially in winter where jurors may consider snow and ice as known hazards.Keep the walkways near your home, shoveled and salted.

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