There is no shortage of misconceptions regarding Ypsilanti Commercial Auto Insurance. However, it’s important for business owners to dispel myth from reality when understanding your coverage. As this policy is paramount to protecting your vehicles, your business, and your employees, let us take a closer look at these misconceptions.

All of My Employees Are Covered While Driving Company Vehicles

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some policies require you to name drivers that they will insure while using company vehicles. Depending on their driving record and how the insurance company views them in terms of liability, some employees may be excluded. Of course, there are options to include all drivers, as well. Consult with your insurance professional to determine what the best coverage options are for you.

I Can Cancel My Policy During the Off Season to Save Money

While you can do this, it is not always the best idea. Bear in mind that vehicles that do not run during the off season are not protected if you cancel your commercial liability insurance policy. If there’s any theft, vandalism, hail storm, or natural disaster damage to your vehicle, you will not be able to claim a single dollar for repair work, says Quote Pie.

The Entire Premium is Due Up Front

This is a myth. Many companies allow the premium to be paid in monthly installments. However, if you are planning on paying up front, inquire about any available discounts that might apply to your premium by doing so.

Bundling is Always Cheaper

Research your options before you buy to ensure you get the best deal. Many companies offer multi-policy discounts, so don’t miss out!

All Companies Offer Round-the-Clock Service

Some companies only offer services during business hours, so make sure your needs are met with the right provider.

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